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Raaz:Reboot Film Review

A little bit of 1920, a little bit of Talash, and a little bit of 1920 evil returns with effects and jump scares inspired from Hollywood, Raaz:Reboot offers nothing new. The only savior in the 2 hours film is Emraan Hashmi, who was superb in the character of an arrogant and jealous lover.

A couple experience paranormal events in their new house, wife complains, husband didn’t care, wife is possessed, a priest is called, mantras, tantras that’s all. A twist was also there but it was guessed by half of the people sitting behind my seat.

Location of Romaia was good, music was average, and acting of other two characters was also Ok. Cinematography was fine, direction was good and background music was flat. Please don’t ask about the story, Vikram Bhatt is great in his short stories he writes for Facebook, but that skill is missing in writing a full feature.

From our side the rating is 2 and a half moon, out of this 1 moon is for Emraan Hashmi, and before signing of, all the married woman remember one thing, always keep your Mangalsutra close to you, never loss them, evil will never come near you.

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