khamoshiyan scary scene

Indian horror film Khamoshiyan offers nothing new

In spite of the involvement of some big names like Mahesh Bhatt, Vikram Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, this Indian horror film doesn’t take us anywhere except the usual stereotypes.

A reclusive writer meets a mysterious girl in a hotel in Kashmir haunted by spirits and the eerie behavior of the girl inspires the writer to dig more secrets. In fact the writer never looks interested to write any story throughout the film rather he seems keener to fall in love with the enigmatic girl (he had a break up in the beginning of the film). The acting part in the film is ordinary with Ali fazal showing some commitment but Sapna Pabbi and Gurmeet Choudhrey are mostly flat and expressionless.

The most disappointing part in the film is the story, which just keeps moving in the most obvious directions with a very predictable screenplay. The locations are more than average and the effects are tacky. The butterflies were too artificial and the dogs do not even had a proper skin tone. The jump scares of the film were mostly inspired or copied from old Indian/Hollywood films and silly mistakes can easily be traced out from the continuity (you see a corpse with open eyes, then again in a further scene with eyes closed and then again in the climax with open eyes).

The music of the film is good and the only thing, which needs a mention, is the cinematography by Bomzan. If you really want to see why Indian horror films are not even close to Hollywood in terms of quality, go watch this film. Our rating for this film is * (poor).

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