the possession of michael king


SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and BEHIND ENEMY LINES actor Shane Johnson’s upcoming film, THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING is set to release on 22nd August now. A trailer of the film was released online a few days back.

Johnson plays a documentary filmmaker Michael King in the film who doesn’t believe in God or Evil. To prove himself right he invites best of necromancers and occult performers for his new film offering himself to perform any kind of spell or dark magic. He hoped that after this he would be able to prove the myth behind the superstition of the paranormal. But he was absolutely wrong that these things are just a hoax.

The trailer of the film starts with Michael asking his daughter why she is scared to which she replies it is a monster that makes her. The further visual are horrific and frightening as we see Michael himself on the journey of becoming a monster. The special effects are chilling and some fresh scenes are there in the trailer. The film looks promising and watchable.

Debutant director David Jung directs the film with Ella Anderson playing the role of Michael’s daughter. This one is a must watch.

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