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Rob Zombie releases first look of his upcoming horror film 31

This crowd funded horror film by acclaimed horror director Rob is one of the most anticipated horrors of 2015. The film is almost complete now and as per a report of Bloody Disgusting, the director has released the first look of the film. The first picture shows Richard Brake as Doom-Head. The film has some very interesting character names such as Sex-Head, Father-Murder, Psycho-Head, Sister Dragon and Cherry Bomb.

The story of the film is set in the backdrop of Halloween. A few days before the festival, a group of five people is kidnapped and held hostage at an unknown place. The group is then forced to play a dangerous game called 31, wherein they have to save themselves for twelve hours from a gang of evil clowns.

Rob has selected his Facebook page to release the first picture for his fans, which was immensely liked, and we are looking forward for the release of this film though the release date is not yet fixed. The film also stars Elizabeth Daily and Malcolm Mcdowell while American actor Lew Temple (Unstoppable, Dejavu) is doing Rob’s third film; he is going to play the character of psycho-head.


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