German legend Sandman is the subject of Dario Argento’s next film

Sandman is one of the most horrific urban legends in German folklore, someone who steals the eyes of children who do not shut them while going to sleep and then goes on to feed them to his children on the moon. Dario Argento, who is known for his giallo Italian horrors with unusual plotlines and visuals, is all set to make his next horror film based on this character.

Adding more spice in the story is famous American singer and songwriter Iggy Pop. Horror website Bloody Disgusting reported that Iggy Pop is writing the story of this film along with David Tully. The story is about a young student who had murdered the serial killer Sandman several years ago and witnesses the same masked killer again; this time slaying a woman living in an apartment on the way to his own, bringing the childhood trauma back.

The producers are trying to get the finance for the film on Indiegogo, and said to be close now. The website has launched a campaign for horror lovers to support the production of the film by giving USD 5 and offering them membership of

The film is said to be the giallo movie of this millennium. Dario is known for his mysterious, stylish and dark horror films and his acclaimed work includes films like SUSPIRIA and THE STENDHAL SYNDROME. He has also been associated with George A. Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD as the producer.


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