Upcoming horror/comedy THE EDITOR gets rave reviews at the Toronto film festival

Featured in the midnight madness category of the Toronto film festival, Hollywood horror titled THE EDITOR received critical as well as popular support. Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy have directed the film; their earlier micro budget films MANGBORG and FATHER’S DAY were also appreciated by audiences. The directors have tried to renew the famous Italian horror subgenre Giallo in this film, which was mostly seen in the seventies and eighties made by directors like Mario Bava, Dario Argento and Lucio Falci.

Once a respected master, film editor Rey Ciso (played by Adam Brookes himself) looses four fingers on his right hand. He gets an awkward wooden prosthetic and begins working animatedly in cinematic workshops of 1970s Italy. When actors from the film, which he is editing, are brutally murdered, he becomes the prime suspect. With a stubborn detective (Played by Matthew Kennedy) hot on his trail and a handsome, knife-wielding actor (Played by Conor Sweeney) always nearby, Rey must fight to clear his name.

The film is equipped with all the traits of Giallo movies, be it off-sync dubbing, unusual tone, dramatic zooms and psychosexual eroticism. It reminds us of the films like BLACK and BLACK LACE by Mario Bava and DEEP RED by Dario Argento. It is a brilliant idea for upcoming filmmakers who don’t have much of a budget.

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