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Wajah Tum To Ho Film Review

Wajah Tum To Ho Film Review

An unknown computer genius hacks into a TV channel owned by Rahul Oberoi (Rajneish) and starts streaming a murder on it. Rahul becomes the prime suspect of the murder. Inspector Kabir (Sharman) is investigating the case and Rahul’s lawyer, Siya (Sana) is defending him. Siya’s boyfriend Ranveer (Gurmeet) is hired by the government to prosecute Rahul. The plot thickens (when another suspect is killed off on live TV).

On the surface level, live murders on national TV followed by a manhunt sounds like an intriguing plot. But this plot is very much inspired from Diane Lane’s 2008 Hollywood horror film Untraceable. Lane works in a cybercrime department of FBI and witnesses several murders on a website KillWithMe. Though the English film wasn’t a great one, at least it’s graphics and effects were convincing in comparison of tacky and amateurish visualization of Wajah Tum To Ho.

The script might be the first in Bollywood based on computer hacking, but it seems to have been written by hackers who have no knowledge of how a script should be paced, and how the characters can be kept interesting without giving them a jolting spin and a moral turn-around for the sake of a gasp. Most actors, save Sharman, are in urgent need of voice training and guidance in expressions. To make matters worse there are glaring errors in the language itself. A word used in the court proceedings in the film that could well define the film itself. Illogical! Vishal Pandya did well with Hate Story 2 and Hate Story 3 but this time it seems he was totally lost and confused.




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