the house next door

“The House Next Door” doesn’t looks like a stereotypical Indian horror film.

The trailer of this upcoming Bollywood horror includes some stunning wide angle visuals of an odd looking house surrounded by ice clad mountains, a breath taking jump scare and relatable characters.

South actor Sidhartha is playing the main lead as well as a co-writer and co-producer in the film with Milind Rau serving as the director. The story of the horror flick revolves around a neurosurgeon (Siddharth) and his wife (Andrea) who move into a new house. However, they realise that the house next door, inhabiting a little girl and her mother, is haunted. However, Siddharth’s character refuses to give in to the supernatural elements until a close one gets ‘possessed’ after which he resorts to exorcism. The film will also release as Gruham in Telugu and as Aval in Tamil.

The trailer of the film is released now and getting the support from the horror fans in India. The cinematography, locations, lighting, background music and overall feel of the film is way better to clichés of a typical Bollywood horror, though the scenes related to exorcism seems heavily inspired from Hollywood films like “The Exorcist” and “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

After a long time Indian horror film fans may get a chance to see something at par with Hollywood horror films, which are the only respite for the horror freaks in this country as of now.

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