This week horror release # OUIJA

Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity) and Michael Bay (Friday the 13th reboot) have jointly produced this supernatural horror titled OUIJA with debutant director Stiles White (writer of The possession, Knowing).

Devastated by the mysterious suicide of her friend Debbie, a young girl Laine decides to call her spirit. She along with her sister and three other friends uses an Ouija Board for it. They instead wake up another entity, an ancient malicious evil force. Their quest is now to survive this dark power, which also was the reason for their friend’s death.

The film stars Olivia Cooke (The Quiet Ones, Bates Motel) with Daren kagasoff (Stalker, TV series) and Douglas Smith (Big Love, TV series).

The film was released worldwide this week by Universal Pictures. In spite of receiving negative reviews from the critics, it is a box office hit and has so far made around US$ 30 million on a budget of just US$ 5 million.

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