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Twilight star Ashley Greene to feature in upcoming horror film Kristy

The Weinstein Company’s much awaited horror film “Kristy” is now in postproduction and the trailer of the film has been launched. The film was earlier titled “Satanic” and then “Random”. The trailer reminds us of some of the super hit teen slasher film like “I know what you did last summer” and “Scream” and is fresh, youthful and scary.

The film is set in a college campus, which is almost empty because of the thanksgiving period. A few students have stayed back for studying or plain relaxing completely unaware that some brutal masked outlaws are out there in the cold waiting to attack their dormitories. Justine along with her friends has to fight for their survival from these assailants who are hell bent on finishing them all.

The film stars Ashley Greene, who is well known for playing Alice Cullen in romantic thriller Twilight. Interestingly the role of Ashley was earlier offered to Emma Watson, who after citing reasons for dates declined the offer. Oliver Backburn (Donkey Punch) is directing the film from a script by Anthony Jaswinski (See no Evil, Vanishing on seventh street).

While horror website Movie pilot reported not to have any release date so far, an entertainment website joblo mentioned about a DVD release in Germany this August.

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