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Trailer review of upcoming Hollywood horror Before I wake

Mike Flanagan, the writer director behind Oculus, one of the most successful horror films of 2014 is not ready with his new project. The film titled ‘Before I wake’ tells the story of an orphan child fostered by new parents. Whenever the child sleeps, he sees dreams, which become real. These are no ordinary dreams filled with birds, balloons and chocolates – instead he meets demons and ghosts there.

The trailer looks impressive. The first part of the trailer is really amazing where the story is building up. The shot where Kate Bosworth hugs her deceased son only to see him disappear into thin air is quite a new jump scare. The second part however doesn’t look very fresh. There are butterflies of Mama, don’t sleep-don’t sleep efforts of Nightmare on Elm Street and grudge type child ghost. But overall the trailer inspires us to see the film.

Kate Bosworth looks good as the emotional mother and Thomas Jane convincing as a supporting father but the show stealer is Jacob Tremblay in the character of a sleep deprived, traumatized 6 years old child Cody.

So from our side the trailer has a rating of 3 moons, which means no disappointment is guaranteed after watching the film, but don’t expect much from it either.

The film was earlier titled Somnia. Relativity media purchases the distribution rights in March 2015, and film is set to release on 8th May.

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