night of the living dead

It was not blood but the chocolate syrup

Yes, all the blood you have seen in the Zombie horror classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was actually Bosco chocolate syrup. The hand, which Tom hacks up with a kitchen knife, was made of clay, and the blood, which comes out was chocolate syrup. The scene in which the Zombies are eating bodies in the burnt truck actually had roast ham covered in chocolate sauce. The dark brown color and viscosity of the chocolate syrup looked great as human blood.

George Romero is inarguably the creator of Zombies. This 1968 independent film introduced one of the most famed antagonists of horror films. These reanimated corpses who eat the flesh of the living were called “ghoul” in the film but subsequently they were known as Zombies, creating endless stories and box office figures for various production houses.

The film was a low budget affair and Romero made the film possible with a contribution of US$ 600 from each of his ten associates forming a company Image Ten. Although the initial fund of US $ 6000 became insufficient and smore people came in to contribute taking the total fund to US$ 114,000. After the completion no studio was ready to distribute the film because of its explicit content. Finally the film was given at a throw away price to distributor Walter Reade Organization who showed the film in theatres. The film became a box office blockbuster and did a business of US$ 45 million with most of the profits going to the distributor of the film.

night of the living dead 1968

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