Horror maestro Eli Roth is playing an important role in the upcoming American horror CLOWN

Apart from directing some of the most notable gory horror films like cabin fever, hostel and the green inferno, Eli Roth is known as a very good actor too. He has done some pivotal doles in films like HOSTEL, CABIN FEVER and most notably in Quentin terantino’s INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. His next acting stint will be seen in the upcoming horror film CLOWN, which is also being produced by him.

The film tells the story of a loving father, who on the occasion of his son’s birthday buys an interesting gift for him, a clown suit. The son of course was thrilled but very soon the father realizes that the clown suit is a part of an evil curse, and anyone who wears it becomes a killer.

The story behind the making of the film is also very interesting. Some young filmmakers made a faux trailer of this film with a caption saying at the end- by the horror maestro Eli Roth. The news reached Eli, and he was impressed not only by the way his name was added in the trailer but also with the concept of it. He decided to produce as well as act in the film and was quoted later saying that the idea of the film impressed him a lot, as he found it similar to the genre of movies like The Fly, wherein someone is becoming a monster day by day and there being no way to stop this.

The film is directed by debutant director Jon Watts, who has also written the screenplay with Christopher D. Ford. The film also stars Peter Stormare and Laura Allen. Dimension films have purchased the distribution rights.

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