The Exorcist could be young and attractive?

If you like horror films, you would be well aware with the Exorcist. These grey haired, mature, soft-spoken people are generally priests, who with the permission of the church fight with demons. But upcoming horror film REALM is going to break this stereotype characterization of an exorcist.

Deadline and Bloody Disgusting have reported that Relativity Media has purchased a spec script written by Rebecca Sonnenshine (producer of the vampire diaries) for making a horror film. The script is about a teenage girl in the character of an exorcist who fights demons not in the contemporary way but rather with some innovative ideas and kick ass actions.

Adding fire to the concept of watching a smart, teenage girl fighting evil is the engagement of Step Up 4 director Scott Speer to direct the film who is also its executive producer. Speer has recently made a short horror film, which went viral two weeks ago about a girl played by Adelaide Kane (The Purge), who has the power of entering into the souls of possessed people and then fight the demons with her claws and an underworld like costume.

So get ready to witness some spicy visuals with scary demons and a cute exorcist who is going to change the traditional traits of an exorcist in interesting ways.


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