What would you do, if an ex lover came back from the grave?

You are in a relationship, looking for a bright future, planning to spend all your times together and suddenly your lover just moves out, not from the relationship but from the world. You find yourself  miserable and alone and  pray to God, fight with him for the loss and miraculously your prayers are answered. Your lover is back with you, in your arms but will you be happy and could there be side effects?

Upcoming Hollywood Horror LIFE AFTER BETH gives a humorous take on this situation. The film directed by Jeff Baena (I heart huckabees) was featured in the competition category of the  Sundance Film Festival 2014 and very much appreciated by the fans as well as the critics.

The story is about a teenager boy Zach, who is deeply in love with his girlfriend Beth and plans to spend his entire life with her. His dreams are shattered when Beth dies suddenly, leaving Zach inconsolable and praying for a reversal of this misfortune . Lo and behold Beth rises from the grave making Zach wanting to cherish every moment of the future given this miraculous second chance. Unknown as yet to Zach, the only problem is that Beth is now a human hungry Zombie.

The film details some very interesting things. Its not a matter of joy if you see your dead girlfriend next morning in your home because watching a ghost is a matter of fear, not joy however a loved one it might have been. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreations) is playing the role of the dead girlfriend Beth while Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spiderman) plays Zach.

The film will see a moderate release in August 2014.

life after beth

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