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Crowd Funding for The Growling?

Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora has had a colorful career with great movies like The Beast Within and Communion to rather lesser cinema such as like Howling II: Stirba, Werewolf Bitch.   Though his werewolf sequels are usually remembered by the audience whether they were appreciated or not. It appears that Mr. Mora is not quite done with the werewolves.

The filmmaker recently took to the crowdfunding site GoFundMe with the proposal to make another in this genre titled The Growling.  The premise of his latest endeavor involves the divulging of a secret society that his been living among us for hundreds of years.  A society comprised of werewolves, many of whom have been politicians, religious leaders, and celebrities, guiding us through the ages.

The Growling is seeking a paltry USD 200,000 and not even offering anything apart from his its goal.  At the moment the project is 18 days away from its deadline.

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  • Philippe Mora

    Hey folks! Actually FYI there was no deadline on this project and we are filming–so please contribute if you can–great shoot so far–will be shooting in Europe soon!