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Another brilliant found footage horror FINAL PRAYER

Whenever we are haunted, possessed or witness a ghost, what place do we prefer to go for help? Temples, Churches, the list goes on. But what if these places that we seek succor at are itself haunted. Shocking, isn’t it? So get ready for this interesting premise for a horror film in the upcoming found footage horror FINAL PRAYER that is set in a church.

The story is about the Vatican authorities, which are receiving complaints from a church located in a remote area. Mysterious things are happening there. An instant action is necessary to save the faith, so a team of priests is sent there. But what they find in the church is not what they had imagined. They are now face to face with a demon that is not afraid of anyone, not even the God.

Elliot Goldner has written and directed the film, which was waiting for a proper release since 2013. Lionsgate has picked it up and the film is now set for a February 2015 release.

The film features Gordon Keneddy and Robin hill in the pivotal roles.

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