American mystery thriller The Sisterhood Of Night gets a VOD release

A short story written by Pulitzer Prize winning writer Steven Millhouser has become the subject of this American film. The short story too was titled The Sisterhood of Night.

The story is about a group of teenage girls who are bored from social media and are searching for something more exciting. They form a secret society wherein every member is told to be silent about the group’s activities and regularly meet up in the deep woods. The twist in the plot comes when one of the members of their society writes to the local newspaper about the illegal activities of the group including alleging them for deviant sexual behavior. The small town suddenly became the attention of the national media and the digging into the sisterhood brings out some of the darkest secrets of these teenage minds.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle‘s Kal Penn stars with The Chronicles of Narnia‘s Georgie Henley, “Breaking Bad’s” Laura Fraser and Moonrise Kingdom‘s Kara Hayward. The film is Caryn Waechter’s feature directorial debut and also the writing debut of Marilyn Fu.

The film is said to be the modern take on the trial of the Salem Witches. It was competed last year and since then has been shown in some film festivals. Horror website Bloody Disgusting reported that a limited theatrical and VOD release is due on 10th April’2015.

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