10 Best Horror Movie Trailers Of 2015


Dark, brooding and moody, just like the film itself. The trailer for A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night represents the world’s first Iranian Vampire Western film, and it does a really good job.


This trailer immediately make one thing very clear that the elements in this found footage horror are new, a classic drama-a haunted auditorium-a scary looking ghost and some very spooky moments.



This is a striking and memorable trailer. Interesting right from the opening moments of Wilson getting his leg stricken to the final bone-chilling roar of the cavemen (whom the trailer physically never shows).



Generally sequels get more budget than the previous parts and its clearly visible in Leigh Whannel’s directorial debut in the 3rd part of James Wan’s masterpiece Insidious. The trailer shows great production values with some unique jump scares specially the one with the girl at the window.




In a foreign language film dialogue portion didn’t work in the trailer and it is better to show scenes instead of dialogues and Cub also opted to be super mysterious. You get the idea that it’s about a Boy Scout camping tip gone horribly wrong, but you’re not exactly sure how. The Boy Scout song playing over all of the horrifying clips is especially disturbing.




The use of Henry Hall’s “Hush, Hush, Hush (Here Come’s the Boogeyman)” elevates the trailer of Sinister 2 from “good” to “great.” it’s really creepy specially the scenes where the whole family is hanging upside down and tied on the bamboo sticks like scarecrows.





The trailer narrates the premise very well spending half its time showing a dysfunctional family comedy and thenother half with the horrible terror of the so-called demon himself. It’s a festive trailer and the glimpses of those marvelous practical creations in the closing moments are absolutely great.




This trailer is the best example of less is more. It provides you with the basic information you need to know (creepy house, charred ghosts, ritual sacrifice, etc.etc.) and shows you brief glimpses of all the bloodshed without giving away all of the important shots. We strongly believe that horror films must have trailers like this but unfortunately current marketing strategy adviser recommend you to divulge more in the trailer because they are more keen on garnering the audience regardless of they will actually enjoy the film.


Just a computer screen, a skype window, cyber bullying, You tube videos, an active chat session with someone unknown and unwanted present from the id of a dead girl. This instantly hooks the audience and there is only one thing comes to mind, lets watch this film, it is definitely going to be amazing.




The biggest reason this trailer works is Disasterpeace’s fantastic score. It’s just as effective each and every time you watch it. It shows plenty of scary moment without giving the whole film away. One more brilliant thing is the selection of 80s style font and awesome text leading into the title (“It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up. IT FOLLOWS”)


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