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$ 1.98 mask causes scare of $70,000,000

“After watching the dead body of her friend hanging upside down, Laurie comes running out of the room, she stayed at the door to settle down her thumping heart, only to look behind her and find two scary eyes looking right at her amidst absolute darkness.”


This signature scene from the 1978 classic Halloween reminds us of Michael Myer’s wearing a mask, which still scares millions of people all over the world today. The mask that gave Michael Myer’s that sinister, chilling, blank-eyed, pale and cold expression cost just a measly $1.98 that subsequently helped Halloween do a business of a whopping $70,000,000 (inflation not adjusted) worldwide!


This independent movie, which continuously struggled in production because of its low budget (it was produced at a budget of $3,25,000), acquired this infamous mask through the production designer, Tommy Lee Wallace. For those of you who might not have noticed, the mask bares a stark resemblance to that of Capt. James T. Kirk’s from Star Trek – well, that’s because it actually is! In order to make the mask creepier, Wallace widened the eyes and painted the skin bluish white, to make it look paler and therefore less human and more ghoulish.


Director John Carpenter has proved that small budget has absolutely no connection with good or bad output; it is actually the creativity of the human mind, which eventually plays the big role.


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