Trailer Review Of Raaz: Reboot

After 14 years of Raaz, the 4th part of this super hit Indian horror franchise Raaz: Reboot is ready to hit the theatres. The trailer of the film is out. Lets have a look on it.

A Husband his wife and her ex boyfriend, a secret and a spirit haunting the wife, the story of the film is crisp and clear. wife is watching the spirit in her house; husband doesn’t believe her but her ex boyfriend knows much about the wife’s dilemma and together they start the search for the secret and the answers.

Now the production design of the film is lavish and outdoor sequences of Romania are a visual delight. Though the script is not offering something fresh, but direction is tight and promising.

The strongest part of the trailer is the music; violin played in the beginning is truly mesmerizing and the weakest part is the scare factor as the trailer doesn’t offer chills and thrills, lets hope that in the film we will get to see more of it. Acting wise the only hope is Emraan Hashmi, who looks perfect in the character of the man who has lost his love due to his arrogance. Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora look average.

Overall the trailer looks good and our rating to it is 3 and a half moons.

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