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Film Review: ‘Ek Tera Saath’ a.k.a. 1 13 7

After box office disaster ‘Raaz:Reboot’, another Indian horror film ‘ Ek Tera Saath’ was released in theaters on Friday. The film tells the story of Prince Aditya Pratap Singh, who is living alone in a huge palace in Rajasthan, haunted by the ghosts of his ancestors. While prince morns the death of his beloved wife, a mysterious murder takes place in his palace, disturbing things starts happening and his life is jeopardised.

Just like most of the Indian horror films, this one also couldn’t go out of the clichés and stereotypes like laughable make up of ghosts, weak characterization, rebirth, romance, and phony investigators/ghosts experts. The character of Aditya is flat, and it is really sad to see a talented actor like Sharad Malhotra to do something like this. Other actors Hritu Dudani, Deepraj Rana or Melanie Nazareth were totally disconnected throughout the film and not much was there for them to do.

The haunting scenes were clumsy, laughable and bring no scares for the audience. The story itself was muddled and poorly crafted. The only good thing in the film was the location of Rajasthan, which definitely has potential to create disturbing and spooky imagery, but director and cameraman failed miserably in doing so.

Campy horror movies are fun and some of them end up becoming cult hits. But with a running time of 120 minutes, Ek Tera Saat is too long to qualify for that. The ‘clever’ word/number play used in the title is for effect alone. The only good thing worth mention is the title track of the film sung by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan.

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