real vampire 3

This real life Vampire drinks human blood

They will attract you by their charisma and then lure you to their castle. Finally they will drink your blood to live young forever. It is generally believed that Vampires only exist in folklore, mystery novels and films, not in real life. But we are going to tell you about someone who loves human blood and does exist in the real world. She is a tattoo artist in California who loves to drink blood and has drunk so much of it in the last 10 years she could fill 23 bathtubs.

Her name is Michelle and she is 29 years old. Her day starts from a glass of blood in spite of having orange juice and cannot live without drinking blood as a routine. She has developed several interesting recipes of food improvised by using blood. She adds blood in soup, stir fries vegetables in blood, cooks beef using blood and she is the only person on this earth who made bloody Mary by adding real blood and not the tomato juice.

Although a part of her daily diet of blood comes from animals, her favorite is humans. She also can tell the difference between the taste of Men and Women blood. Her boyfriend donates his blood several times apart from some other friends who happily fulfill Michelle’s desire to drink blood. However she doesn’t consider herself a Vampire, just a bloodthirsty human. But didn’t we call Vampires bloodthirsty too, and what about the formula of living young. Is she also going to be young forever?


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