poltergeist reboot 2015

Watch the crazy trailer of Poltergeist – Reboot

This horror film gave us so many sleepless nights in 1982, when TV sets were quite new in our homes. It was a critical and commercial success. Since then the film written by Steven Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper is respected as a milestone Hollywood horror.

We have told you earlier that a reboot of this classic horror is in the pipeline with Sam Raimi coming in as the producer and Gil Kenan as director. The trailer of the film was released yesterday, which is full of shocking visuals, stunning effects and an eerie atmosphere. The TV is now a smart TV, the portal for the spirit world is quite electrifying and the house is way spookier.

The makers have re-energized the story of a suburban family whose home is invaded by spirits. In the beginning these unwanted life forces look friendly, just moving things here and there. However soon things gets nasty and when the young girl of the family is taken away by the angry spirits the family comes to rescue her.

Sam Rockwell and Jared Harris star in the film which started shooting in 2013 and was expected to release in February 2015. However the current release date is now set for July 24th 2015. Metro Goldwyn Mayor is the studio behind the film with 20th Century Fox releasing it worldwide.

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