Upcoming Hollywood horror TUSK is inspired from a Podcast


Famous podcaster and filmmaker Kevin Smith has discussed in his podcast Smodcast about an interesting article published in Gumtree. The article was about a house owner who was ready to let his house free if the lodger agrees to wear a walrus costume in the house all the time. The discussion went on for an hour about what kind of situation may arise if it actually happens. After the podcast Kevin asks his followers whether this idea could be converted in to a full feature film, which most of them excitedly approved.

The result is the upcoming film TUSK (previously titled as the Walrus and the Carpenter) featuring Michael Parks (Kill Bill, From Dusk till Dawn) in the main lead along with Justin Long (Jeepers Keepers, Live Free or Die Hard). Also featuring in the film is the megastar Johnny Depp in an interesting role.

The story is about a podcaster who disappears in the deep forest while talking to a seafarer. His brother then decides to begin a search operation for him along with his girl friend and a cop.

Podcasting has been trending a lot recently as it is a revolution in the field of radio transmission. While the latter requires a live feed and a distribution network Podcast directly brings the audio files on the system of the user by using an application. Once the files are downloaded the consumer can listen to the program offline anytime. The word Podcast is a neologism derived from Broadcast and iPod. The film will be premiered in the Venice film festival this year followed by a wide release in September by A24 films.

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