elisa lam

Upcoming Hollywood horror based on a murdered woman found in a water tank

The highly speculated screenplay of an upcoming horror by Brandon and Philip Murphy is reportedly based on the bizarre death of Elisa Lam.

Elisa Lam, 21 from Vancouver, was found in one of the four-rooftop tanks that hold the water supply for the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles almost three weeks after she was reported missing. A worker, who was checking a complaint about low water pressure, discovered her body.

A spec script was written on this case about a private investigator coming into the hotel to investigate the murder and discovering the dark and sinister past of the place. The script was very much in news and was finally bought by Sony after a bidding.

But this is not all; there is a video of Elisa Lam on You Tube, which was discovered by cops in which she is behaving very strangely in the lift of the Hotel. Goosebumps???? Wait to see the whole story. The film is titled The Bringing.

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