grizzly bear

Upcoming Hollywood horror based on a Killer Bear

We have seen some outstanding Hollywood horror films about monstrous animals and creatures such as CUZO, THE NEW NAME FOR TERROR (based on a killer dog), GHOST OF THE DARKNESS (about two man eater lions), LAKE PLACID (featuring a big crocodile), JAWS (based on man eater sharks) and ANACONDA (about a giant snake).

Now a 2014 Horror Thriller titled GRIZZLY is to show us a Killer Bear as the main antagonist. Horror website Bloody Disgusting has reported about the release of the trailer of this forest adventure. The story is about two brothers who venture deep into the forest on a camping trip and are also hoping to reconcile the increasing differences between them. Accompanied by their girlfriends, their already troubled lives encounter a new nightmare in the shape of a huge bear that is out to kill them.

The film was earlier titled Red Machine and even Endangered. Production designer of OUTLANDER and director of SAW V, David Hackl is directing the film featuring James Marsden (X-Men) and Billy Bob Thornton (Monster’s Ball, Fargo) as the main characters. The film shot in Vancouver, Canada has been acquired by Open Road Films who shall release the film worldwide.

We also want to inform you that another film based on a killer bear with the same title was made in year 1976. The film was inspired from the success of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws back in the day and was a big box office success making around USD $39 million.


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