Spanish found footage horror film franchise REC is coming to an end

The 2007 Spanish found footage horror “REC” stormed the box office with a business of USD 32 million having been made on a budget of just USD 2 million. The success of the film resulted in two more sequels “REC 2” and “REC 3:Genesis”.
The upcoming fourth part “REC 4 : Apocalypse” will be a direct sequel to “REC 2” and will mark the end of the REC franchise. The story continues from where Angela, a television reporter entered the ill-fated building with firemen and her cameraman. She makes it out alive but is taken to a provisional quarantine facility to be examined whether she carries the seed of the infection.
“REC 4” is directed by Jaume Balaguero who directed the first two parts of this franchise and is also known for the direction of movies like “Nameless” and “Darkness”. Manuela Valasco will reprise her role as a reporter from “REC” and “REC 2”.

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