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See No Evil sequel to be released direct to DVD/Video

Successful Hollywood Slasher See No Evil is set to have a sequel. This 2006 Horror is known for the character of a ruthless killer played by professional wrestler Kane. Now the sequel of the film is almost ready to hit the screens. Sadly no wide release for it, as it is going to be released in a direct to DVD/Video format. The audience very well appreciated the role played by Kane in the prequel especially for its extra ordinary strength, child like mind and ruthless emotions.

The story of the sequel starts from a morgue where the body of brutal killer Jacob Goodnight (played by Kane) is kept. A group of medical students visits the morgue to give a surprise birthday party to the morgue attendant and their friend. They never knew that in a cold slab of the place, the body of one of the cruelest psychopath was kept. They just fall victim to this giant killer with only one motive and that was to kill anyone and everyone. You might remember the first part, which was set in the Blackwell hotel where the group of jail inmates was sent to clean.

The prequel was released by Lionsgate Entertainment and was well received on the box office, and did a business of around $ 15 million on a budget of $8,00,000. It is surprising that Lionsgate does not consider the sequel for a wide release, may be a long gap between the two films played a role in it.

Director of the prequel Gregory Dark along with the writer Dan Madigan are not the part of the sequel. Soska sisters Jen and Sylvla Soska (American Mary, Dead Hooker in a trunk) are directing the sequel with Nathan brookes writing the screenplay.

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