Scariest horror movies of 2014 # OCULUS

When you will goggle for this title, the IMDb link will tell you that it was released in 2013. Actually the film was shown in 2013 only at the Toronto Film Festival, and then reached the audience in 2014. I found it one of the must watchable in this year. There is an interesting story behind the making of this film. A new director Mike Flanagan made a short movie of 32 minutes, which had a plot of a boy investigating a paranormal connection of an ancient mirror. The short horror was shown in many film festivals and was appreciated by all. Most of the production houses were interested in making a full feature on this and Jason Blum of Blumhouse Production (Paranormal activity, Insidious) cracked the deal.

The film has a tight script and an unpredictable screenplay, which is also written by Mike along with another new writer Jeff Howard. A young girl meets her brother who is coming out a mental asylum after a longtime. She reminds him of an old promise which was related to an ancient mirror. She believes that this mirror is the reason behind the killing of their parents and a demon is occupying it from centuries. She installs cameras everywhere around the mirror and hatches a great plan to prove that it is indeed demonic. The mirror however is way stronger from what they had imagined and while they wanted to destroy it, their own life in great danger.

The film had a solid ending for a sequel, although I didn’t like it much as we all want a happy ending wherein after all the hauntings and killings of associated characters the ghosts are vanquished by the main lead. The film has some great performances from the actresses Karen Gillan and Annalise Basso along with actors Brenton Thwaites and Garret Ryan.

If you have not seen it, go watch it.

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