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Samara is to haunt us again in THE RING 3

Nobody had ever imagined that a V/H/S tape could be fatal before the release of the 1998 Japanese cult horror RING. The film was based on a novel and had a brilliant story line about cursed videotape, which brought death to its viewer. The film was a success and it was later remade in English in 2002 by the title of THE RING. The film was directed by Gore Verbinski and Naomi watts played the lead role of a mother who is trying to save the life of her only son from the curse of the videotape. The film was a box office hit and did a business of USD $250 million encouraging the makers to go for a sequel THE RING 2, again with Naomi Watts in the main lead and Hideo Nakata (director of the Japanese version) coming in as the director. The sequel was a box office hit too with a business of USD $161million.

After nine years of releasing the sequel the makers have declared that a third part of this chilling psychological horror is to be made which is indeed good news for the horror buff. Specially watching Samara again on the big screen is a much-awaited thrill. This ghost of a girl has always been considered among some of the best Hollywood horror villains of all time. F. Javier Guttierrez, director of the short film BRASIL is going to direct the third installment of the franchise, Walter parkes and Laurie Mcdonald are producing the film though it is yet not confirmed whether Naomi Watts will be a part of it.

There is an interesting fact associated with the film. Success of the film and unique use of videotape in the storyline inspired another cult Horror V/H/S that was also based on the tapes.

the ring 2

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