You must see this Horror Movie trailer, don’t if you’re afraid of blood

Horror website Shocktillyoudrop has quoted your must see trailer of the day to the upcoming Argentinian Horror film “Necrophobia 3 D”. Daniel De La Vega who has earlier done movies like Jennifer’s Shadow directs the film.

This giallo inspired trailer is chilling with the visuals of sharp objects, spilling blood, mannequin’s heads and a mysterious character with a black cap and a cloak. The term necrophobia is used for extreme or irrational fear for death or dead bodies. The story of film is about a tailor Dante whose phobia prevents him from being in contact with death. Things go worse after the death of his cousin and suddenly people around him started getting murdered. The tailor has to solve the riddle of death only to find the reality, which is almost impossible.

In English Giallo refers to a genre similar to French fantastique genre and includes elements of Horror fiction and eroticism, the earlier movies inspired from this were Psycho, Vertigo and Peeping Tom.

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