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The Last Witch Hunter, Trailer Review

A sword on fire, dark secrets between our world and the next, a cool witch hunter and some terrific visuals, the trailer of The Last Witch Hunter looks grand, energetic and promising. Director Breck Eisner surely deserved a credit for this.

This is the story of an immortal witch hunter who is given the task to save humanity from a devastating plague caused by a group of witches. On this mission of life and death, he needs support of a beautiful female despite not ever having a partner.

The high point of the trailer is Vin Diesel in the character of Koulder, the immortal witch hunter. He looks merciless, tough and cool. Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie doesn’t shine too much in the 81 seconds of the trailer so we hope to get more of her in the film. Michael Caine’s voice keeps us thoroughly engaged. In spite of so many visual effects, you can easily feel the emotions of the characters involved. After all, it doesn’t matter how big the visual effects are, without deep human emotions, any film has rarely done well at the box office. So from our side the trailer gets 3 and a half moons, let’s hope for better on the release of the film. The film releases on 23rd October’2015.

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