James Wan production DEMONIC is a new take on exorcism movies

Ace Hollywood Horror director James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring) chooses an action flick as his next directorial venture. Although it is fairly exciting to see him getting attached with the Fast and Furious sequel, he indeed is going to give us something new. Most Horror fans were disappointed because they were keen on seeing more from Wan in the Horror genre. However they are relieved to hear that James is producing a Horror titles DEMONIC. This film has an innovative demise and James has also co-written it with Will Canon. Will has earlier who has directed Brotherhood and written short films like Youngsters, is now directed this project.

The story is about a police inspector, who joins hands with a psychologist to investigate five mysterious deaths that take place in an abandoned house. Shockingly all of them were college students trying to summon a demon, the only survivor told the investigators that they were amateur ghost hunters. The premise is definitely fresh with a slight resemblance to recent release film Deliver us from Evil, which was based on a cop investigating some mysterious murders taking place during exorcism and his associate in solving the mystery was a priest.

Maria Bello (The Mummy, Assault on Precinct 13) is doing the role of the psychologist and Frank Grillo (The grey, The purge) is playing the police inspector. Horror website Bloody Disgusting reported that Dimension films has bought the rights to release the film worldwide.



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