Hollywood Horror Torment is dark, frightening and chilling

A vacationing family, an isolated place to live and some uninvited masked guests, the combination has served very well for some of the most horrifying films in the past. Be it Strangers, You’re next or Vacancy, this premise has always been a horror buff favourite.

The new entrant in this is a Canadian horror titled Torment. Jordon Barker (The Marsh, Duress) has directed this film, while Katharine Isabelle (Hannibal, American Mary) plays the main lead actress with actor Robin Dunne.

Sarah and Cory decide to go on a vacation with Cory’s son in an attempt to minimise the distance between his son and Sarah, as he’s not comfortable with the idea of them getting married. They choose a luxurious house at an isolated location however once they move in they realise another family used to live there. Although the local sheriff assures them that the previous occupants had left they are still skeptical and their doubt is confirmed when Cory disappears on the very first night, leaving Sarah alone with Cory’s son on a hard-hitting battle of survival with some brutal killers.

The film was shot in 2012 on a low budget and the financial constraints became a problem for the crew especially when it came to lighting up the sets. However director Barker found an innovative idea to save money – he maintained a darker look in the rooms throughout the film to cut costs and subsequently create more thrill.

The film was released in Scream Fest Horror film festival in 2013 and was critically acclaimed. Now it is open for a theatrical and VOD release by filmmax international.

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