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Hollywood Horror It Follows, gets a distributor after critical acclaim in the Cannes film festival

Director David Robert Mitchell must be very happy after the Cannes film festival, as major distributor Radius TWC an indie arm of the Weinstein Company will now release his supernatural horror. The company has decided to give the film a wide release after critical appreciation at the Cannes film festival.

It Follows has a very unusual premise for a horror. It is about a 19-year-old girl Jay, for whom it’s all about the school, boys and rocking weekends at the lake. After an innocent sexual encounter, she finds herself in a psychological trauma as she feels someone is following her. As the time passes by, things go worse and she along with her friends must find a way out from the horror, which is just a step behind her.

The film was a hit at the Cannes film festival in spite of horror films not being a favorite there. Hollywood reporter reviews the film after the Cannes film festival mentioning it as Creepy, suspenseful and sustained. A skillfully made lo-fi horror movie which plays knowingly with genre tropes and yet never winks at the audience, giving it a refreshing face-value earnestness that makes it all the more gripping.

Distribution Company sees the reviews and being very much impressed has decided to buy it for a wide release. The film features Red Dawn and Stone star Linda Boston in the lead role and is now slated for an early 2015 release.

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