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Harry Potter will swagger horns

After playing the role of a lawyer in horror flick “The Woman in Black”, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will feature again in a yet another horror movie. He is cast in the role of a 26 year old, with paranormal abilities in the upcoming movie “Horns”, directed by Alexandra Aja, whose earlier films include acclaimed horror films such as “High Tension”, “The Hills have eyes”, “Mirrors” and “Piranha 3D”.

The story, based on a novel of Joe Hill, revolves around a young man accused of murdering his girl friend. He awakens one morning to find horn like protrusions from his forehead, which empower him to make people confess their deepest secrets. This strange paranormal gift is something he uses to clear his own name from the murder accusation as well as solving his girlfriend’s killing.

The movie is scheduled for a November release.

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