Australian horror Babadook got 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

Australian actress Jennifer Kent (Murder Call) received a huge applause at the Sundance Film Festival for her debut directorial horror Babadook. The film based on a Monster book, later went on to acclaim more appreciation and currently holds a 100% fresh rating on review website rotten tomatoes.

The film is about Amelia, who after the death of her husband in a tragic accident is struggling to restructure her life with a six year old son Samuel. Her introvert son is tough to handle and most of the time he talks about a monster that is going to come and kill them both. One day a book titled Babadook mysteriously turns up in her house, which Samuel claims to be monstrous. Soon horrible things started happening in their house and Amelia realizes that her son was speaking the truth all the time.

The trailer of the film is scary with chilling shots and deep emotions. Matrix Revolution actress Essie Davis and Devil’s Dust actor Daniel Hamshell play the main leads. The film looks promising and a theatrical release is expected in 2014.

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