26 stories, 26 directors, 26 horror films

Yes, get ready for the ABC’s of death part 2. If you don’t know about the first part, let us tell you that the ABC’S OF DEATH is the title of a horror film. There are 26 alphabets, and so there were 26 stories in the first part. The film was a horror comedy and directors from 15 countries were involved in the making of the film. The film was premiered in Toronto Film festival and got a following after this.

The second part includes directors like Rodney Ascher, Alejandro Brugués and Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen and more than 17 writers working on the script. Like its predecessor, this part will also have one director working on one story. More than 50 actors/actresses from all around the world are featuring in this part including Martina Garcia, Andy Nyman and Ian Virgo.

Although the horror shorts from the first part were called a fun for those with sick sense of humor, some of the stories were good. The film had a running of 124 minutes and that leaves around 4-5 minutes for one director. So in a way the film was a compilation of 26 short horror films from the globe. None of the stories of the second part is discussed online so far. A trailer of the part 2 is available which we are attaching.

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