Prithviraj Kapoor’s character inspired Ramsey Brothers to make horror films

The history of Bollywood horror has many pages dedicated to Ramsey Brothers. In the 1970s and 1980s their sleazy and gore horror films had a strong presence in the Bollywood film industry.

In a recent interview they told reporters that it was their father F.U. Ramsey, who started producing films after shifting from Karachi to Bombay during partition. An engineer by profession, F.U. Ramsey tried his hands in film production after a failed attempt in engineering. After making a box office hit, “Rustam Sohrab” he made a film with Prithviraj Kapoor titled “Ek Nanhi Munni Ladki thi” which also featured Shatrughan Sinha in a small role. The film bombed at the box office.

Shyam Ramsey and Tulsi Ramsey decided to explore the reason behind the audience rejecting it. While on their sojourns in theatres they discovered another interesting fact, that some people were just paying a part of the ticket to watch a 10-minute scene in the movie. Herein Prithviraj Kapoor is stealing an artifact from a museum, and with a height of 6ft 2in, Prithviraj looked very scary wearing a hideous mask, a black cloak and black boots just like a Dracula.

The thrill of the audience in watching the scene inspired Ramsey brothers to suggest to their father in trying his hand in horror films and by his support they started working on “Do Ghaaz Zameen ke Neeche”, with which they embarked on a successful journey in Bollywood horror films.

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