Why Ajay Devgan’s Drishyam is an unofficial adaptation of Japanese novel The Devotion of Suspect X??

Ekta kapoor has acquired the rights of Japanese horror Devotion of Suspect X and is making an Indian remake. However after the surfacing of Malayalam film Drishyam she has become rather worried. She strongly believes that many aspects of this Malayalam blockbuster have been lifted from the Japanese novel. Viacom pictures is producing the Hindi remake with Ajay Devgan, Tabu and Shriya Saran in the main roles. Nevertheless the makers of Drishyam argue there is no similarity between these two. But after going through the trailer of Hindi film, the original Japanese novel and the Malayalam version, we indeed find some points which indicates there are similarities in these two which are incorporated very wisely. Lets have a look:

The basic plot

Both Drishyam and The Devotion of Suspect X share the same basic story line of a cunning man who covers up a murder so convincingly that he successfully manages to outwit the police, all for the sake of his family. While there are a few minor changes in the film, when compared to the film, we wonder if it was really a case of coincidence that Drishyam shares the plot with the Japanese novel.

Fake alibis

The other thing one would notice when comparing Drishyam and Suspect X is the way the lead character in the movie and the novel respectively, cover up the murder. In the novel, the lead character Ishigami is a sharp-minded mathematician who fabricates fake alibis and stories to convince the investigators about his innocence. In the movie, Mohanlal plays a movie buff, who applies his knowledge of films to save his family by generating fake alibis.

The murder

While in the novel, the abusive drunkard Togashi is murdered by his wife and daughter, in the film the mother and daughter duo murder a guy who blackmails them with the daughter’s MMS clip. While some may argue, that Mohanlal plays the husband and father, who is hell bent to save his family, in contrast to the hero of Supect X, a neighbour who helps out the mother and daughter. As he falls in love with the mother, we think there some smart similarities between the movie and the book.

While the makers of Drishyam have molded the story of Suspect X, by adding few twists and motives and Indian elements in the film, one cannot overlook the striking similarities between the book and the film. No wonder Ekta Kapoor is irked with the remake of Drishyam in Hindi. What’s your take on the controversy, do you agree with us?

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